Battleflutes & Sideways Skulls

Previously a more genre agnostic show on SF’s legendary KUSF, Battleflutes was relaunched on GimmeRadio as a purely metal endeavor. But only metal in the absolutely loosest sense of the word.

Buzzy and black, stumbling and deconstructed, explosive bursts of garish blackness wound around blurred almost incandescent shimmer. Demented drumming, unhinged vokills, so low fidelity, casual listeners will be convinced there’s something seriously wrong with their computers, but those well versed in damaged, outsider avant metallic oddities will find themselves right at home.

Gimme Metal is no longer which means BFSS is in search of a new home. Reach out if you can help. Otherwise, will hopefully be sharing soon where and when you can find the next episode of Battleflutes & Sideways Skulls and get your fix of outsider blackened weirdness.

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