Hey friends, thanks as always for listening. Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy.

For me music has always been a critical part of my life, empowering, soothing, cathartic, it’s gotten me through break ups, anxiety, depression, huge life changes, and it’s even helping me navigate the current situation we find ourselves in.

I hope the music I play on BFSS, as weird and damaged and fucked as it is, can ellicit some of the same feelings and emotions in you. And can be a spiritual and mental balm to take you away from it all, even just for a couple hours each week. Or hell, maybe you just like listening to fucked up black metal. Either way, thanks for being a part of this with me. It’s really what makes it worth it.

Check out the playlists page of this site if you want to have a look at the other BFSS playlists, all of which you can listen to by joining the GIMME BRIGADE. Below is the playlist from show #79 which just aired. Be sure to tune in to #80, and feel free to subscribe if you wanna keep up on all things BFSS! I love you all.

LABYRINTHINE HAZE – Through The Haze Of The Fog (album: Descending Into The Deep)
FROZEN FLESH ORDER – X (Incinerate Living Tissue) (album: Extra Terrestrial Terrorism)
AEGULT – The Unravelling Of A Form Unspoken (album: Serpentine Passage)
OBSCUREISM – To Death And Vicory (album: Memories Of Filth And Decay)
BLACK CANDLE WAX – Grave Machine (album: Bog Oak Haunting)
INITIATIC TOMB – Rex Nemorensis (album: Demo I)
ABHARTACH – I (album: Witch Division)
DARK DEVOTION – Lost (Album: Early Demos -2008 – 2011)
SPECTRAL TEMPER – Temporal Dissolution (album: Impending Dawn)
BIRKENMAHR – From Underneath The Oak He’ll Rise (album: Schläferthal EP)
DISGUSTING CATHEDRAL – The Vein of the Wounded Magician – M.E.G.I.O.N. (album: Besieged Defenders)
HASSERFÜLLT – Wintermorde (album: Wintermorde EP)
FROGOROTH – Croaking For Cernunnos (album: Frog Kvlt)
GHATANOTHOA – Sprites Of Mystical Forest (album: Dalen / Ghatanothoa / Seere Split)
CRUCIFIXION BELL – Eternal Grip of the Nocturnal Empire I: Scent of the Blood Altar (album: Eternal Grip of the Nocturnal Empire)
NIGRUM PLUVIAM – Shadows and Lights (album: Eternal Fall Into the Abyss)
KRYPTHALL – XX (album: Last Travel & Obfuscation (Old Ambush to the Coffin))
ÆRELØS – Gasious Mushroom of Misfortune (album: Of Deep Caves and Dark Spirits)
DVNGEONFASCISTMVRDERFVCKMAGIK – The Fvcking Halfling Down The Street Took My Fvcking Pipeweed So I Smoked Nutmeg And Now I’ll Fvck Anything (album: Dvngeonfascistmvrderfvckmagik)
NXPR – L-111 (album: 7 (Demo II))
STARR – Maanschduwen (album: Schaduwmagie)

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