Hey friends, thanks as always for listening. Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. And maybe you’re even out there protesting. Thank you if you are, and I just wanna send love to all the protesters, the first responders, to everyone willing to fight for what’s right. Fuck Trump, fuck cops, fuck all the bullshit that’s been going on. Black lives matter, human rights matter and we all should be willing to fight for a world we can be proud of.

For me music has always been a critical part of my life, empowering, soothing, cathartic, it’s gotten me through break ups, anxiety, depression, huge life changes, and it’s even helping me navigate the current situation we find ourselves in.

I hope the music I play on BFSS, as weird and damaged and fucked as it is, can ellicit some of the same feelings and emotions in you. And can be a spiritual and mental balm to take you away from it all, even just for a couple hours each week. Or hell, maybe you just like listening to fucked up black metal. Either way, thanks for being a part of this with me. It’s really what makes it worth it.

Check out the playlists page of this site if you want to have a look at the other BFSS playlists, all of which you can listen to by joining the GIMME BRIGADE. Below is the playlist from show #47 which just aired. Be sure to tune in to #48 in a couple weeks, and feel free to subscribe if you wanna keep up on all things BFSS! I love you all.

NOCTURNAL PRAYER – May You Lay Waste To Astral Gods With Star Disintegration (album: Advance On Weakened Foes)
VIHOLLISEN ÄÄNET – Varo Vaaraa (album: Paholaisen Kiitosvirsi)
CARVED CROSS – Intrusion (album: Carved Cross / Torrid Death’s Fire)
WITCH IN HER TOMB – X (album: Meditations)
TASAKISTAUFSTAND – замена (album: कीट उत्थान)
BLOD BESVIMELSE – Black Nymphes (album: Geleit ins Totenreich)
KRYPTHALL – The Primitive Black Furor (Of The Ancients) (album: Intolerance And Hate (Victory And The End Of Our Path))
TORNMÓD – Fullmoon Misanthropy (album: Fullmoon Misanthropy)
DUMA – Lionsblood (album: Duma)
PHANTASY COFFIN – Surrendered To Hunger (album: The Call)
TORRID DEATH’S FIRE – Profound Revelation From The Self (album: Carved Cross / Torrid Death’s Fire)
HÄRESIE – Transmission to the Realm of Unknown Sources of Residual Evilness (album: Häresie / Nächtlich)
RIIVAAJA SYVYYKSISTÄ – Tunnen läsnäoloa (album: Demo IV: Tunnen Läsnäoloa)
SATANICUM TENEBRAE – The Candlelight (album: Til Helvete)
SARDONIC WRATH – A Child’s Lost Desire (album: Stop, Drop Dead’N Roll)
ABHARTACH – The Vampyric Nature of Absorbing Forestry Essence (album: Abhartach)
SLAVES TO THE ENCHANTED FOG – Scouring: Monolithic Egression (album: Slaves to the Enchanted Fog)
PSYCHIC CIRCLE – Untitled (album: Psychic Circle)
PHEZULU – Candles Burn Bright In My Casket (album: Rebirth Of Forbidden Witchery)
REVERORUM IB MALACHT – Till Försvar För Det Personliga Vittnesbördet (album: Vad Är Inte Sju Huvud?)

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