Hey friends, thanks as always for listening.

For me music has always been a critical part of my life, empowering, soothing, cathartic, it’s gotten me through break ups, anxiety, depression, huge life changes, etc.

I hope the music I play on BFSS, as weird and damaged and fucked as it is, can ellicit some of the same feelings and emotions in you. And can be a spiritual and mental balm to take you away from it all, even just for a couple hours each week. Or hell, maybe you just like listening to fucked up black metal. Either way, thanks for being a part of this with me. It’s really what makes it worth it.

Check out the playlists page of this site if you want to have a look at the other BFSS playlists. Below is the playlist from show #115 which just aired. And which was sadly the last BFSS on Gimme Metal (R.I.P.) I’m currently looking for a new home for the show. If you know of some possibilities, or host a streaming service in need of a super weird, outside black metal show, please reach out. BFSS is not dead, just resting. It will return soon. Thanks for listening. I love you all.

DUPLICATE CHALICE – Sizzurp Bong Pond (album: Elektronik Dance Metal​!​!​!)
VONG – Lệ Chi Viên (album: A Wander In Liminality)
RUTNUKT – Ancestral Odium And Ritualistic Penance (album: The Grand Execration Of Crepuscular Eternity)
NOSPHERIC – Sheb-Teth (album: Byagoona-Sheb-Teth)
BETRÜGERISCHER – Für Die Krone (album: Braemar // Promo .23)
SPECTRAL SPECTRUM – Biblio Hell (album: Strange Souls Vol. 1)
MURMÚRIO – Necrosophia (album: Vampyric Stream Of Adversity And Ascension)
HAUNTING FIGURE – Coming Host (album: 2022 Demo I)
AKHTYA – Fallen Cherubium (Beelzebub) (album: Rituals Of Demonic Possession)
SPELL CASTER – Lurking Presence (album: Collection)
OPIATED DEVILSPERM – Ritual Ecstasy (Demo version) (album: Ritual Ecstasy (Demo version))
THALLID – Black Blood Imperium (album: Thallid)
ABSAVA – Fantomi (album: Kaikkiallinen – Kosminen – Tajunta / Värähtelyjä – Kynnyksellä)
ASCHMICROSA – Abigor (album: Inferno)
BORHOT – I (album: Scrum Orbital – Borhot / Prypiat Survivor / Holgis / Nezznar / Furia Carpatina split)
OSSAERT – Ritueel II (album: Offerdier)
ZWETWEZEN – Dying World In Flames (album: Infernal Demons Of Lunacy)
8C9 – Received By She, In The Halls Of Ritual (album: In The Gaze Of Painted Eyes)
LUNA AZURE – Philosophy Of The Skull (album: Philosophy Of The Skull)
AMOCK – Vipers Ov Creation (album: Mork Rensing)
SARKALFAR – Too Life Too Dead (album: Too Life Too Dead)
SIRROHGA – Bleed The Pure (album: Sirrohga)
PA VESH EN – Le Fantôme De Cette Madame (album: Martyrs)

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